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  • Are you out the house all day and coming home to your dog chewing things up in frustration?

  • Maybe you are getting home and your dog is completley wired, just when you want to put your feet up?

  • Perhaps you have been unwell and are unable to walk your dog, and can no longer cope with those guilty eyes?

  • Of course you could just want the best for your dog, and want him to have an adventure?

  • Or could you be going away and are worrying how your cat will cope without its normal routine and pampering?





We treat all pets differently, as they are different! We personalise our service to suit your pets and you.


We are not for everyone though, and not every

dog and cat is for us.


Read on and see if your dog or cat could be part

of the Woofers Walkies Pack

for your peace of mind I have a recent DBS check Woofers Walkies Haverhill is proud to hold an Animal Aiders first aid certificate

Welcome To Haverhill's Number 1 Premium

Dog Walking Adventures & Cat Feeding Services


We have 3 levels of dog walking adventures for you to choose from. On every walk we will take your dog on a mentally, fun and physically stimulating  adventure.


We have been working hard with some of the best trainers out there to ensure we are playing brain games with your dogs.  These games help us to ensure we are connecting with your dog and that their complete focus is on us at all times.  


We could take your dog on a long walk and track it for you.  We could do the same repetitive walks everyday.  We could avoid interacting with your dog and just literally walk them.  But that's not us.


Here at Woofers Walkies we are all dog lovers and owners.  We have fostered rescue dogs, done home checks for adopted dogs, taken dogs into schools to be read to, taken part in agility as well as owning a wide variety of breeds and ages of dogs.  Find out more about us here.


Although we mainly care for dogs we also do cat visits.  Again we have 3 levels of visits for you to choose from.


We understand that cats generally fall into 2 catergories.  The first being the independant cat that will just requre feeding.  Then we have the cat that requires a full on pampering visit!


I am experienced with injecting diabetic cats and administering other medication to your cat or dogs.




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Are you looking for an extraordinary

Dog Walker or Cat Sitter?