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Is your barking dog driving you crazy during lockdown? I put your questions to barking dog expert Claire Lawrence.
Social distancing
Social distancing works for me, and it really works for your dogs. I will keep social distancing long after its lifted
With the end of lockdown comes the real risk of your dog getting separation anxiety for the first time ever. Let's prevent that happening.
Social distancing and lockdown has made it slightly easier walking a reactive dog, and I'm totally taking that as a silver lining.
Don't just accept the first dog walker you speak to. Interview them and ask these questions. I will help you find the perfect dog walker for you and your dog.
In these strange and unprecedented times, I will guide you through how to get the most out of waking your dog during a lockdown.
Wondering why I set up Woofers Walkies? Well wonder no more. Read on my friend and I shall reveal the complete Woofers Walkies story
As well as being a professional dog walker, I'm also a dog mum. This is my guide to the essential items I need for my dog and me.
Do you need a tag for your dog? I will tell you the truth around your legal responsibilities.
The muddy season is upn us. I've got some tried and tested ways of dealing with mud and the misery and endless cleaning it causes us.
Does your dog hate the vets? Can you blame them, as it's usually means they aren't well and are going to be poked
Engagement is ensuring your dog is always focused and aware of you. Great for relationship building and recall training.
Walking your dog at night brings it's own set of problems. Top of that list is keeping your dog and yourself safe.
I can guarantee that any photos you take of your dogs at this time of year will be amongst your favourites. So here’s my tips for getting that great photo.
Find out all about the holiday home that was not only perfect for my reactive dog but me too!
Got a barking dog driving you mad? Read on my friend and I will tell you what won't work.
I have a reactive dog and I'm sick of apologising for him. It stops now. My dog is amazing
Heart dog sounds great doesn't it. It's not one of those cuddly care bears though. Read on and I will explain all about it!
That’s right, I’m no *anker. I’m also no yanker. You know what I mean, one of those people who continually yank their dogs lead.
After 7 adopted dogs and 3 foster dogs, I am a huge advocate for adopting. Find out more.
As I write this, it's Mental Health Day. Read on to find out about my own struggles and how having my dogs ultimately helped me through it.
Check out the guest blog I did for Tour De Rescue. Dom travelled across the country on a bike raising money and profiles for dog rescues
There are some things that you could tell your new dog walker that will make all the difference. Read on and I will reveal all!
When it comes to my job title, I am always a little hesitant. You see there are so many options. I could be a dog walker, pet sitter or a small business owner
Why you need to stop walking your dog in the afternoon. Find out why 3pm is the new midday and the effect it can have on your dog
Don't bother with resolutions for yourself. Do some for your dog instead. They will be very beneficial and your dog will love you for them!