Dog training solutions that fits around you and your dog

Have you got a dog who is running rings round you?

Does your dog ignore you when you are out on a walk?

Is your dog an angel at home but a devil outside?

Does your dog run up to every dog at the park and ignore you calling them?

Dog Training Haverhill

Some dogs are not suited to dog training group classes or maybe the times of classes don’t fit in with you. In these current times with ever changing restrictions I understand why you would be dubious to book up an in-person course.

I have 2 alternative options for you and your dog, an online training course or the chance to work directly with me with one to one  sessions. 

Woofers Dog Services only ever use Reward Based Training, never force or fear.  Rewards are either food treats, a toy or fuss and often a combination of all three.

Dogs don’t come knowing the key skills needed to be a Good Boy or Girl and just like young children, they need teachers to show them the way. My online course is delivered by very experienced trainers and will teach you all the skills that your dog needs to thrive with you and your family. As it is all delivered online you can watch it at a time that suits you.  The course delivers a daily video Monday to Friday over the course of 6 weeks.  Commit to just 5 minutes a day and marvel at the results.

Not sure if these training options are right for your dog?

You can book in a free 15 minute discovery call with me to discuss you and your dogs needs. 

Just click on the picture below to book in your slot and lets talk.