Privacy Policy

Here at Woofers Walkies we take your privacy very seriously.

We do hold information on our clients and their pets. We use this so that we know where to collect or visit the pet, and so that we can get hold of the owner whether it be an update or an emergency involving their animal.

We keep information about you and your pets in paper form and electronic form. All paperwork is securely locked away. All information helped on a computer is encrypted. All information held on a mobile phone is password and/or touch ID protected.

We never pass your details on to any 3rd party. We use your information only to deliver the service that you pay us to. We do use Mailchimp, however you must give us permission to add you to our mailing list. You have the option of unsubscribing by either removing yourself from the list or asking us to do so. You can check out Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy here

We pass on any Vet Permission slips to your registered Vet. You will need to check with them what their privacy policy is. We give them this form so that in a medical emergency we can authorise treatment on your behalf.

We use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. We post photos of your pet, we do use their names, but we hide locations and never use personal details on a photo. If you don’t want your pets photo used on any of these forums, please let us know in writing. 

We do use cookies on our website. You can choose to agree to these when you visit the page. These cookies help us to collect information as to what people are looking at on our website. It does not take any personal information from you. The only time our website will use your personal information is if you fill out a contact form (it will send your message to us and that’s it), a sign-up form (this will add you to email list with the details you provide) or comment on a blog post (this will publish your name and comment.) You can view the details of cookies on our web site here

We keep your information for as long as you are an active customer. If our contract is ended by either party then all information is destroyed, apart from your email address on Mailchimp. This can be ended by 2 ways as described earlier in this post. If you are an ad-hoc customer, then your details will be destroyed 1 year after using us. If you wish to use us after this time you will need to give us your details again.

You have the right to see any information we hold on you. If you would like to see this information, please write a letter stating this. Please allow 2 weeks for this information to be compiled.