Read what some of our current customers say about our services:

"We have been using Woofers Walkies for around a year or so now. When we first realised we needed regular help walking our two Golden Retrievers (Bella & De Niro), I was quite anxious. My dogs are my absolute world and I didn’t know if I could trust anyone else enough to walk them. I had no need to worry. From day one Sally & her team have been outstanding! Highly professional, friendly and above all, my dogs absolutely love their Woofers Walkies Walks!

If I say to my dogs “Sally’s coming today”, they both jump up onto the sofa and keep a look out of the window until she arrives. They both get so excited when Sally’s car pulls up, especially De Niro! We’ve never seen him as happy as when Sally’s walking up the driveway! They don’t get that excited when we take them out! It’s so lovely to see their excitement, as it tells us that they love their walks and have a great bond with Sally.

I love that Sally not only just walks them, but does constant training with them too! They both walk better on the lead and when we reach a road, I don’t even have to tell them to sit, they just sit automatically. She’s also working on their recall, amongst other things. We also get to see photos of them on their adventures. What more could you ask for from a dog walking service?!

Woofers Walkies are a reliable, friendly, flexible and trustworthy service and I cannot recommend them highly enough enough. I would be lost without them. 10/10"
Mrs T
Owned by Bella & De Niro the Golden Retrievers
"You know you’ve got the best ever dog walker (carer, sitter and a million more amazing things!) when it’s so clear how much she cares. We were both so anxious about trusting anyone with our two, and could not be happier with our decision. Sally is not only the kindest, loveliest lady but so experienced and our boys absolutely love her and their time with her.

We love the reports that are left, and can already see such an improvement in their behaviour while on walks. She is full of ideas and tips that have been so useful, and we are looking forward to reading the book that she has so kindly left behind.

In short, we would recommend everything about Woofers Walkies, and know our boys would too!"
Ms B
Owned by Joey & Alfie the Chihuahuas
"For me, the most important thing for Theo is that his day is broken up with a quality walk that stimulates him. if I'm honest, I hate leaving him every morning. His routine is so fine tuned now and it works perfectly for him: early walk with me, lunchtime walk with Woofers Walkies, evening walk with my partner. We're at work all day, and having Woofers Walkies is the only reason we're able to have a dog. It just means I don't have to worry about him every day.

Because Woofers do training tactics with him too, that really helps. he's never been destructive at home, and although he'll bark if people come to the door, I know that the walk he has with you will mentally stimulate him and keep him content. He sleeps like a baby between walks. He's just happy, content and knows you'll show up every lunchtime.

Gold adventures are definitely best for him as he has energy to burn, and he loves using his brain. Plus he loves the rewards! And he comes home smelling like a dream too! At the end of the day, he's so precious to us, having Woofers Walkies gives us peace of mind, which enables us to get on with our jobs every day."
Ms G
Owned by Theo the Labrador Retriever
"Excellent! I would recommend Woofers Walkies to anyone needing the services they offer - personal, reliable, friendly and professional. Our dogs loves Walkies with Woofers Walkies. Thank you!"
Mrs B
Owned by Disco & Basil the Miniature Dachshunds
"I have always said I would never have a dog if I couldn't afford a dog walker as I'm out of the house all day at work and it's not fair on a dog. Not just because of toileting but to stop boredom setting in and developing bad habits.

We have the Silver adventures, it works for us because we walk Bonny ourselves every morning and evening. Sally, at Woofers Walkies, was the first dog walker I contacted and we have never regretted having her and her team walk Bonny.

Sally has always gone above and beyond for us and our dog. I can go to work and not worry about Bonny. We also get lovely photos at the end of the day. Chooses Woofers Walkies, you won't be disappointed!"
Mrs G
Owned by Bonny the Labrador Retriever
"Sally is brilliant with Arnie. A friendly, reliable and professional service. I always feel confident that Arnie is in safe hands when he is being cared for by Woofers."
Mrs W
Owned by Arnie the Terrier Cross