Would you like to know the secrets to how we walk your dogs and why we have such an incredible bond with your dog?


Customers often say to me “my dog doesn’t do that with me” and that could be a range of things from not pulling on the lead, to the dogs playing with us, not snatching food from us, good recall, sitting at the kerbside and much more.


The secret to our successful adventures is my P•E•T Play, Engage & Train system. I came up with the system because I didn’t want to be like other dog walkers.


I didn’t want to just walk for an hour doing nothing with the dogs. Quite frankly it was boring for me and boring for them. I wanted the dogs that I cared for to go home having had fun, tired from mental and physical games and going home a little bit more trained then when they first started with us.


Now it’s time to show you how we implement P•E•T with your dogs.

Welcome to Woofers Training Academy

Taster Session - Welcome to the Academy

Woofers Training Academy is for adult dogs. A dog is never too old to learn new things and we will show you that. 

At our taster session, on Saturday 14th December 10am – 12pm, we will go through obedience work that your dog will want to do.  

We will revisit some basic training, but I guarantee you that your dog will go away from this session wanting to do these behaviors rather than needing to do them.

Your dog will want to go on walks with you because we are going to make you so much more interesting  to your dog. You will get trained on the basics of our unique Play, Engage & Train system.